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Sunday, June 1, 2014

What is the Average Cost To Refinish a Bathtub in Dallas?

Bathtub Refinishing in Dallas is both affordable and long lasting with a terrific high gloss shine if completed by Fusion Finish | Dallas Bathtub Refinishing.

What makes Fusion Finish any better than the competition?

Our customers to be very honest!!(That has been the truth) I have been so blessed during the last (3) months that I have worked for the nicest Christian people in the Great State of Texas! Let me explain. When you are working in someone's home. A decent person will want the consumer to be educated, or at least have a basic understanding of what is being done. See a decent person wants to do things the right way, other refinishers will paint the cans black so you can't read the information. Other refinishers have told customers "this is porcelain we are using". I have had  I have been blessed with the last several months of only working for those kind of people. They have read over my main website. They have everything clean and ready to go. Cleanliness is a great base to start with. Now, I can etch through the glaze, create microscopic scratches and expose the pores in the old surface. Then I apply Fusion Lock molecular bonding agent with nanotechnology so the coatings are bonded INTO (not onto) the old surface on the molecular level.  However, other refinishers use bathtub refinishing process of gluing a new surface ONTO the old and at Fusion Finish I use the Fusion Finish Proces of penetrating the old surface first! So the truth is I dont do bathtub refinishing or bathtub painting. I do Fusion Finishing! Way better process.

  •  This means the old and new surface becomes one and the new surface is an integral part of the fixture. 

    • I do what I promise.

      •  Arrive when promised

        •  working through potential problems.

          •  use the very best quality synthetic porcelain (never thinned down version), attention to detail and the utmost respect for my customers and their homes. 

            • I have personally refinished over 7,000 fixtures (Tubs,tile,showers,vanities) in my 22 year career.

              My prices are Flat Rate Below Average Prices with exceptional quality that comes from THOUSANDS of refinishing jobs under my belt. My Fusion Lock Molecular primer is a blend of 3 different primers that each have a unique quality that makes them the best. This is a synergistic formula that provides real true refinishing results 
              After acrylic bathtub cracks repaired and refinished

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